Session suggestion: GLAMs and Wikipedia – can we help each other?

I’d like to look at ways that GLAMs (Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums) can work more closely with Wikipedia. Of course, it’s not just GLAMs but any organisation with some collection of “knowledge” (so that might include universities, local history societies, or just any organisation that has knowledge they’d like to share with the world).

The benefits of working together are:

* for Wikipedia, better quality information

* for GLAMs, the general public is more likely to find information in a Wikipedia article (as they are in the top of the search engine results) so having GLAM content linked from the Wikipedia article can bring the reader to authoritiative content on the GLAM website for a deeper understanding than can be provided on Wikipedia

Let’s work together to give people a better “knowledge experience”.

Kerry (Wikimedia Australia)

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2 Responses to Session suggestion: GLAMs and Wikipedia – can we help each other?

  1. I’d like to see GLAM’s working together full stop. That’s the great benefit of Trove but other Institutions like the National Museum of Australia keep their collections very much to themselves.

  2. I have to say – the ‘abstraction-creation’ exhibition currently on show at the NLA is an excellent example of what can happen when cross-collection collaboration happens. Sadly it closes before THATcamp starts but in my opinion just outstanding to see these two collections together!

    Perhaps we could put together a session to talk through issues and opportunities for GLAM co-op actions?

    wiki-GLAM-slam, anyone?

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