Downloading bulk newspaper articles from Trove

I have recently made some software, called Retailer, (a kind of proxy server) which can be used as channel through which to download the full text of newspaper articles from Trove, in bulk (and the New Zealand equivalent, Papers Past, too). Is there any interest in attending a workshop to deal with how to set up and use Retailer with Trove?

I would love to see a session where a bunch of people install it and run it on their notebooks.

I’d also really like to be able to document the installation and usage procedures, or better automate them.  So far I have only written instructions for installing and using on Linux. But I have a friend who has harvested thousands of articles running it on Mac OS X, and I’m sure it will also run on Windows and other OSes.

For background see my blog post How to download bulk newspaper articles from Trove.


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