BootCamp — Data Visualisation

Presented by Mitchell Whitelaw.

In this session Sam Hinton, Geoff Hinchcliffe and I will lead a quick introduction to data visualisation in a web-centric, humanities-flavored context. Rather than dive into coding, we’ll be using ManyEyes as a platform for learning and experimentation. By the end of the session you can expect to understand some of the basics of visualisation, and have created some visualisations of your own using web-based tools.

If you’re coming to this session, here’s some useful preparation you could do:

  • Sign up for an account on ManyEyes, and have a look around
  • Source some interesting data. ManyEyes has a number of existing data sources; so do clearing houses like InfoChimps. But it’s also easy to import data from other sources – web pages, text files (CSV or TSV are good), and spreadsheets. For the moment you don’t need lots of data (think kilobytes rather than megabytes).

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