A Flickr/Bio Buildathon

By wragge, August 8th, 2010 Comments Off

Well, you see I have this data… and I thought you might help me do something with it…

A few months ago I created the Flickr Machine Tag Challenge. This was intended as a concrete example of how we might use machine tags (aka triple tags) to add rich semantic links between resources. In this case, the machine tags identify people in Flickr photos (or the photographers) using identifiers from the National Library of Australia’s People Australia database. There are more details on the site.

Amazingly, since I launched the site, over 1000 machine tags have been added to Flickr.

Foolishly though, when I set it up I promised that I’d build something using all this data, but I haven’t quite got around to it yet. So I thought I’d see if anyone at THATCamp was interested in a mini-buildathon, where we start to sketch out what sort of app we might create and do a bit of hacking to pull a rough demo together. Along the way you’ll learn a bit about Flickr APIs, People Australia, machine tags and the possibilities of linking biographical data.

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