My knowledge of accommodation options in Canberra is limited, so I’m hoping that people will share their experience in comments, but here are a few possibilities.

If you want to be near the University of Canberra, then your best option is probably the Belconnen Premier Inn which is within walking distance of the campus. According to Wotif, there are rooms available on 27 & 28 August for $132 a night. This includes a whopping 100mb of free data via wired broadband (don’t go crazy people!).

Alternatively, you could stay somewhere closer to Civic and catch the bus out to the university. It looks like the 900 bus will get you there on a weekend, but there’s also sure to be people passing nearby with spare seats in their cars.

Amongst the more reasonably priced options close to Civic are the Canberra Rex Hotel and Olims Hotel. They’re both about 1km away from the city centre. On Wotif, Olims is currently offering rooms on the 27-28 August for $125 including unlimited broadband (wired). The Rex has rooms for $127, but you have to pay for wireless broadband.

If you have a car, or are willing to put your trust in the generosity of other THATCampers, you could also stay in Dickson, which is a bit closer to the campus and is well-endowed with eateries. The Quality Hotel has standard rooms for $138 a night.

Any more suggestions?

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  • Cath says:

    Years ago someone recommended the Canberra Motor Village to me. Getting to UC from there probably requires a lift but there are plenty of Canberra-based campers who would be passing by? Just up the road there’s also the ex-YHA, now a hotel. What’s that called?

  • I’m trying to do this thing as cheap as possible, so currently i’m looking at taking the bus from sydney (<$50 return), staying in the 10 person room at the YHA in the city (2x$61/night), catching the bus to UC.

    Any suggestions on cheaper (or less backpackertastic) options very welcome.