• Visualising and Analysing Historical Cultural Networks

    At AustLit, we often talk about enhancing AustLit data in order to visualise and analyse the cultural networks that influence the composition, publication and reception of literary works. Such analysis inevitably extends beyond literary works to other cultural products, particularly when writers contribute to several forms (eg fiction in serial and book forms, drama, radioplays, screenplays etc.). It also extends to other art forms when visual artists and literary artists commune socially, artistically or professionally.

    We’ve been experimenting with LORE to see how relationships can be defined and visualised with the tools we have at hand. But discussion with anyone who is pursuing similar research questions or who has experience with software such as Cytoscape would be very valuable. I’d like to participate in such a session if anyone else in interested in joining me.

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  1. Cath says:

    I’m interested!

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