• Bootcamp — Using LORE

    Presenters: Kerry Kilner, Roger Osborne and Anna Gerber

    LORE (Literature Object Re-use and Exchange) is an extension for the Firefox Web Browser that has been delivered to AustLit as an outcome of the NCRIS-funded Aus-e-Lit project (2008-2011).

    Using LORE, scholars can create compound objects and annotations for a variety of research and teaching tasks:

    Compound-objects enable scholars to:

    • Gather web resources and organise and tag them, describe links between them and make notes about them via the graphical editor.
    • Discover compound objects that others have created about related topics and web resources.
    • Publish the information that scholars have assembled as compound objects so that others can find them and reuse the information.
    • Communicate the information using automatically generated documents, slideshows and diagrams.

    Annotations enable scholars to:

    • Contribute comments, notes and additional information by annotating web resources.
    • Search and browse annotations contributed by others.
    • Discuss topics and resources by replying to annotations created by others.

    The LORE BootCamp will provide a brief introduction to the software before exploring a variety of research scenarios in a collaborative workshop environment. Research tasks will include (but will not be restricted to) collaborative interpretation, annotating research trails, and building cultural networks. For a preview and to set up an account beforehand, please visit the AustLit Toolkit: http://www.austlit.edu.au/toolkit

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