• On the Digital Culture Public Sphere

    I’d like to propose a session on/responding to the Digital Culture Public Sphere. The live date for the public sphere discussions is taking place on Thursday 6 October, the day before THATCamp, and it makes sense to continue the discussion with the aim to making comment and a submission from participants. It would include questions on the digital arts and culture, and would ask what are ideas for a long term sustainable vision; what would success look like; and what are some ideas of how we could get there?

    The results of the Public Sphere consultation will be submitted in response to the National Cultural Policy Discussion Paper, so it’s important for digital humanities people to contribute.

    It will probably help to read the Digiculture Wiki and get a sense of some of the ideas that have been coming through, or check out #publicsphere on Twitter for the comments that came through during the event. There event was also streamed online, and I think you can find the video here.

    [images below of Suse's whiteboard notes – added by Cath. Each image is about half a mebabyte – to optimise readability.]

    whiteboard notes

    whiteboard notes


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  1. Cath says:

    Hey Suse, that sounds good – in fact, I believe @piawaugh has the same idea.

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