Yvonne Perkins


I am a reformed accountant who moved into public relations then morphed into historical research. I am interested in the rise of the secular in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and the tension between the secular and religious during this period. Currently I'm analysing WWI soldiers' diaries using the transcriptions of the diaries held by the State Library of NSW for a history I am writing about the personal beliefs of soldiers while on the front. The engine of my research is a simple Python program I have written to search the diaries for certain keywords. You can read more about this project on my blog, Stumbling Through the Past. In my digital humanities blog, Stumbling Through the Future I give simple step by step explanations of how to use some useful tools. Most recently I did a series of posts on getting started with the Trove API. My first THATCamp was a great one - Canberra 2011 (see my post. In 2013 I helped to organise a THATCamp connected with the annual conference of the Australian Historical Association in Wollongong - THATCamp #OzHA2013 and I attended THATCamp in Sydney last year.