Angela Richmond-Fuller


Angela is a Canadian Brit who is interested in all things digital. She has a background in education, e-Learning, and champions the democratising of education, additive manufacturing and the Slow Movement. She is a confirmed MOOC-a-holic. She moved to Canberra from London in 2013 with her husband and children, but originally hails from a small town in rural Alberta called Rocky Mountain House. In her spare time she loves camping, kayaking, snorkelling, and MOOCing with Coursera, edX, FutureLearn and NovoEd. Since meeting her husband while working in northern Japan 18 years ago, she’s lived in The UK, Romania, and in Tbilisi, Georgia working in various roles including as an e-Learning policy advisor, web designer and manager, User Experience Consultant, teacher trainer, lecturer, education manager, teacher trainer, teacher and as a jewellery designer & maker. She has an MA in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and a Bachelor of Education with specializations in Inter-Cultural Communication and e-Learning. In 2007, Angela was selected as one of four diamond studies participants in the DTC (Diamond Trading Company formerly known as De Beers) Diamond Course in London. She also holds qualifications in silver & gold jewellery making, enamelling, flower-arranging and diamond studies.