asa letourneau

asa letourneau

Works at Public Record Office Victoria in the digital projects team. Interested in supporting the development of open linked data, new ways of experiencing cultural heritage through mapping, visualisations, virtual worlds.

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THATcamp(ers) Project Web Registry

August 30th, 2010 Comments Off

THATcamp Canberra has been an amazing experience. Would be great to have a record of the URLs for all the projects campers are currently involved in.  Please add yours here so we can all work out who to contact for collaborative projects and future discussions:

Back to the future: unpacking the semantic web

August 28th, 2010 § 2

Just came across this during the Semantic web session:

have only skimmed it but it may provide insights into the issues we are still facing.

Reaping the benefits of the semantic web

August 27th, 2010 Comments Off

With little or know technical know-how beyond an ability to mention things like ‘rdf’, ‘linked data now!’ and ‘html5′ I’d like to work out how the Australian Memory of the World Register items can be linked to any relevant data on the WWW. This may be part of a bigger picture project to create a web of cultural collections data from around Australia (CRC bid?). I’d be happy to just get my brain around the concept of the mechanisms involved (social tagging, crowdsourcing, rdf?)

Open Linked Data? We’d settle for open!

August 20th, 2010 Comments Off

Web2.0 has taken hold at PROV and we are now trying to figure out ways to take our existing data and publish it in a usable form on a regular and automatic basis. The specific tasks we have in mind are:

how to extract data into xml format

design a tool that can harvest xml on a regular basis automatically

identify what is an archival standard xml and why and what are its elements

how to match our  xml elements to the archival standard xml elements and describe why the matching has occurred

design a tool that can publish xml on a regular basis automatically

Currently users access the collection here.  One day, with your help, they may be able to access it


Visualising the Victorian State Archives

August 20th, 2010 Comments Off

Do you dream about visualising PROV’s Archival Control Model and the holdings in engaging and innovative ways that seemlessly show the inter-relationships between Function, Agency, Series, Consignment, Unit and Item? Do you wake up each morning punching the air with the very thought of  embedding within this visualisation a way of navigating through the records?

No…neither do we. But we want to!

Team PROV (Asa and Sebastian) are coming to THATcamp armed with  XML files containing a sample of the records and their relationships to each other.  We are hoping that some of the more artistically/technically minded among you may support us in our quest to develop a ‘better way into the records’ and a ‘new way of seeing the holdings’.  At a very basic level this may mean:

“1. a timeline of agencies

2. a map of function/ agency relationships (ie functions with agencies clustered around them)

3. a ‘rhizome’ of agencies

Even if we only get a static or partial visualisation, it’s still something to build on…” (suggested by some PROV staff)