Show us your speedos

August 25th, 2010 § 10

During lunch on Saturday will be inviting people to make lightning presentations of no more than 3 minutes. In US THATCamp parlance these are ‘dork shorts’, but the Australian translation — ‘boardies’ — doesn’t seem to quite work. Speed-os perhaps? Stubbies?

Anyway, think of them as showcase opportunities, or elevator pitches — a chance to briefly show off a project you’ve been working on or thinking about.

So start thinking now about what you’d like to present. Leave a comment and link below if you’d like to be added to the line-up.

§ 10 Responses to “Show us your speedos”

  • momodei says:

    Not a project per se – just a quick awareness raising of what services and tools are now available for archiving live web content – important if you’re using web content as raw data for research and need to know you can always reproduce it faithfully ascertaining its authenticity and integrity

  • devdsp says:

    I’ll probably throw in another pitch. :)

  • S_Russell says:

    Just functionally, a school bell, dinger, or applause is helpful at 150 seconds. (And has sometimes been continuously necessary after 200 seconds in other 3 minute situations).

  • wragge says:

    I suppose the keyboard cat is a little passé now… Suggestions welcome on suitable means of gently moving things along!

  • Ingrid says:

    Museums are into objects, and objects are embedded with meaning. Thus, if Speedos symbolise and therefore bestow super powers of speech – by extension – then I’m happy to get up for 3 minutes waving a Thong and a Jandal and distract with some news about the Museum Exchange project about to kick off.

  • swallace says:

    At some stage I can give an update on the Dictionary’s initial investigations into the semantic web.

  • wragge says:

    I thought I might take the chance to introduce the History Wall.

  • Cath says:

    Wow, Tim. That just gets awesomer and awesomer. Now I want it as an iPhone app too – a this day in history thing would be nice – just been browsing history apps and have found so little Australian content.

  • Robyn McKenzie says:

    Have a project I would like to show to campers – to see if it brings any ideas to the surface…a collection of mounted string figures that I am ‘researching’…all to be revealed on the day…

  • momodei says:

    News update on the Gazetteer of Australia – will be fully digital and open next year including supporting OGC WFS-G (Gazetteer profile) for machine access

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