Joanne Mihelcic

I get excited by the possibilities of the world we live in. My professsional work experience covers nursing, arts education, media, information management and archival practice. My PhD research will bring together these experiences in a way that may stretch the boundaries of the traditions that I explore. I hope to anticipate how we might be able to use technology and the associated practices to benefit people with special needs: making meaning and allowing them to represent themselves and their identity.

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Conference Profile Network Visualisation

August 23rd, 2010 § 3

One of the things that amazes me everytime I go to a conference is how interesting people are in terms of their interests – personal, professional and academic. If you’re lucky and socialise effectively you may meet people who have similar interests or simply inspire you to approach your topic from a different perspective.

I’m curious to see how a simple tool could be developed and used for mapping these interests and specialties from the profiles of individuals – maybe when they register for a conference/unconference. Could this be done in a way that participants can see possible common themes, relationships, hot spots for finding people or workshopping?

This could be useful for conference organisers as well as participants.

Would love to know of any tools – if any – are already out there.