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I run Fearless - a national digital media training company specialising in creative applications. I was the founder of flickerfest in 1991 and was the state manager of the Australian Film Television and Radio School in the early 2000. I ran the W4C web conference in Hobart in 2002/2003. Fearless is launching a publishing division later in the year with a new magazine and information service.

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Easy single source publishing.

August 27th, 2010 § 6

Here is a proposal for a session or at least discussion…

In the 1990s there was much talk about the promise of single-source publishing: write once, output to many media (web, print etc). A decade later, can we really do that? Businesses are still wedded to the document model (Word, Excel) with all the problems of documents running around uncontrolled in the wild. Google docs is a tantalising possibility but so limited in delivery… Surely we all want to write/create once and then publish to PDF (consistent with our corporate branding) as well as web, email, Twitter feed and RSS.

I wanna build this…