Leisa Gibbons

Leisa Gibbons

I am a second year PhD student at Monash University. My research is about how to understand online cultural outputs (i.e. anything online) as records of heritage (i.e. institutionalised). I am looking particularly at Youtube as social media and the phenomenon of personal records being public records. I also have a consultancy called Rhizome Digital I started early this year that provides records and information management advice to individuals and not-for-profits. My areas of specialisation are digital records and social media. I have been called a third generation Continuum archivist, which in essence means I have adopted a particular pluralist world view about the role of archives and recordkeeping in society. I feel very strongly about the acknowledgement of the construction of archives and the necessity for transparency and allowing access and ownership for multiple points of view.

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Evidence of ‘digital’ me/us

August 23rd, 2010 § 3

I am interested in talking about the implications of online social (digital) technologies and how their role as evidence of  the actions of an individual participating within a group as well as in the broader context of online groups and communities.

When I say evidence I mean how the material generated from interaction from social tech is identified as a record – ownership, communication and sharing.  When is this material considered a record and how does the media it is created on impact on it?  What role or place does this information/process have in social history, cultural heritage and institutional collections, if any?

I also wonder about other places of social media where a ‘traditional’ record is being augmented by online interactions – participatory archives, or even just the flickr collection of an archival institution  - what role does the participant have as part of the ever-evolving record (both online and in the institution’s collection)?