• Building a bootcamp sampler

    UPDATE: Thanks Anna Gerber for offering to hold our hands on this one :)

    I learn better by doing than listening. After attending the bootcamp sessions today, lots of us understand theoretically how the tools work.

    Can some kind person with more coding experience run a session where participants make their own something using the tools we learned about today?

    I would like to create a little webpage (probably as a post on my WordPress site ? ) where I could embed a widget that is querying the NLA People and Organisations set. (For example something that pulls in the entry for Tim Winton then fetches the DBpedia info about him and displays it).  Maybe another widget-y thing that produces an interesting something using Tim’s Trove Tools? My idea is that we focus on how the queries are built and pulling in and matching datasets .

    We could use something similar to the Netvibes Ecosystem where you can easily make widgets where they do the “wrapper” (graphics and embed code) and you get to focus on just making a query.  I am sure there is something even better.

    Vague, but I am sure other people can develop and build on this.







  1. agerber says:

    Sounds like a great idea. I’d be happy to step people through how to mash up data into a webpage from Trove SRU, Google Fusion tables etc using Yahoo Pipes

  2. k.greenhill says:

    So maybe we can we pretend to be a slightly Henry Lawson obsessed researcher who wants to create a very simple auto-populated info page about Henry Lawson. Maybe pulling in data from Trove People/Orgs with some similar info via DBPedia, doing something interesting with newspaper data about Henry Lawson and then use LORE to make some annotations/connections between his work?

    (Someone who wrote pre-1954 is important)

    …and anything else that takes peoples’ fancy? …

  3. agerber says:

    I’ve put the slides about Using Yahoo Pipes to get data from Trove People results and Google Fusion table query results online here: http://www.slideshare.net/annagerber/using-yahoo-pipes

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