• Electronic Editions on a Shoestring

    I’d be interested in any sessions on electronic editions, particularly sessions that discuss the tools and platforms that can support electronic editions for researchers with limited technical experience. Can Omeka be used for such projects? What other tools and resources are available? What are the limits of such platforms for complicated textual histories? How can print editions and electronic editions work together?


  1. David Large says:

    Thanks for proposing this session – I’d be very interested in working through those same questions, perhaps with an added emphasis on preparing and presenting digital editions of annotated texts, or simply sets of annotations to a printed text when copyrights prohibit republication of the source text. Either way I’m looking forward to finding out more.

  2. thien says:

    Here’s a summary of the session and the tools mentioned:

    Text Encoding (Roger Osborne)

    Scholarly editions
    Open Annotation Collaboration openannotation.org (Mellon funded – UQ)
    Samuel Beckett digital archive – 30 year plan to digitise all of his work.
    Walt Whitman Archive

    TokenX – text visualisation tool. – (Willa Cather Archive)
    MVD (multiversiondocs.blogspot.com/) online tool being developed by Desmond Schmidt – online production of comparisons of multiple versions of texts. Built on Joomla.
    Problem of how to render text from images of typescripts or handwritten manuscripts.
    Finereader express – OCR
    Juxta – desktop software for comparing two versions of files
    CollateX – new version of Collate and Anastasia for document
    The Virtual Manuscript Room – Vmr.bham.ac.uk –
    Tesseract – free OCR software – requires bw images aligned properly
    Remote Writer – tool for writing encoded text

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