James Smithies


I've got a doctorate in History and have worked in the IT industry for 5 years. A useful general dogs-body with significant experience in project management and perhaps requirements analysis, but I don't claim coding skills.

  • Project Management and DH


    I’m managing a sizeable DH project and would like to have a general discussion about project management strategies for DH. I’ll kick it off with some background about my approach, which is based on PRINCE2 and RUP, but I’m really keen to hear what other people have to say about questions like: ‘What are the benefits of Agile over waterfall-based methods, and does Agile really scale to large projects?’; ‘How do you manage multiple project managers?’; ‘What do students need to know about project management and should we be teaching it in our courses?’; ‘When, if ever, can we get away without using any methodology at all?’; ‘Does a project manager have to have technical skills, or is it a good role for people who want to be involved, but aren’t technically inclined?’; ‘Does project management stifle creativity?’. It would be nice to produce some kind of ‘best practice’ document for DH projects, along with a resource guide, that allowed DH PMs to size their project and choose an appropriate method (or consider a range of possible methods).